Koshino House – Katie Kim


The Koshino House by Ando Tadao, built in 1980 and 1981, is located in the hills of the Ashiya City area between Kobe and Osaka. The architect attempted to create architecture as landscape. Also, the building was deeply influenced by Modernism with efforts to reconcile modernity and tradition.

Two rectangular concrete boxes are joined together thus making a courtyard. The one closer to the entrance has double-height living room and the kitchen, and the other has a series of six identical bedrooms. The circular atelier has been added 3 years after the construction to consist a studio. The building complex is approached from above, which presents the view of the house plan clearly. The interaction of daylight that plays along the concrete walls is representative of Ando Tadao. The building interior shows relationship between daylight and view, sunlight and shadow.

Plans, Section, Elevation




















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